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I'm excited to announce that the second edition of ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University is on the way! This will not simply be a reprint with a few minor changes. There are three completely new chapters and also some games added to existing chapters.

I'm finished the primary writing and the book is in the editing stage. I expect the book to be published in early 2011. Check back here, of course, for more details. Or, subscribe to the newsletter and I'll email you personally with updates.
As for new material. I can tell you that one new chapter will be about card games: video poker and blackjack. Another chapter will explore the newer 3D abilities of Flash with two 3D games, including a first-person dungeon game. The third new chapter will deal with the very exciting world of iPhone game development using Flash. In addition, existing chapters will get some new popular games: collapsing blocks and balloon pop.
As you can see by the new look of the web site, the cover for the new book will be blue. I've also gone through the early chapters and made some improvements that will make the early steps of learning Flash game programming smoother for new developers.