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Book Table of Contents
Here's the basic table of contents for ActionScript 3.0 Flash Game University (Second Edition). The second edition added chapters 13, 14 and 15 and games to chapters 7 and 8. Want more details? I've also posted a detailed table of contents.

1. Using Flash and ActionScript 3.0
2. ActionScript Game Elements
3. Basic Game Framework: A Matching Game
4. Brain Games: Memory and Deduction
5. Game Animation: Shooting and Bouncing Games
6. Picture Puzzles: Sliding and Jigsaw
7. Direction and Movement: Space Rocks, and Balloon Pop
8. Casual Games: Match Three and Collapsing Blocks
9. Word Games: Hangman and Word Search
10. Questions and Answer: Trivia and Quiz Games
11. Action Games: Platform Game
12. Game Worlds: Driving and Exploration Game
13. Card Games: Higher or Lower, Video Poker, and Blackjack
14. 3D Games: Target Practice, Racing Game, and Dungeon
15. Building Games for the iPhone