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Where Are the Files?

The publisher made a mistake. Originally, the book was supposed to include a CD-ROM. That's why I mention a CD-ROM in the Introduction. After I was done writing, I was told that there would be no CD-ROM, but the files would be available on the Sams Web site. However, the editors forgot to change my Introduction, nor did they add a page telling the reader where to find the files. But happily you have found your way here, where I have a link to the Sams page where the files are located. Many people have had trouble finding the files once they are at this page. Look for the "Downloads" link under "More Information" heading in the middle of the page. When you click the "Downloads" link, the text under "More Information" expands to reveal the downloads. I'd post links directy to the file, but Sams has changed that location in the past.

Miscellaneous Corrections

  • About the Author: I don't have a daughter named Lucy. I do have a cat named Lucy, though. If I had a daughter, I'd hope I'd list her before my dog!

  • Page 53: At the bottom of the page it states that b++ changes b to 5. It should read 7, not 5.

  • Page 128: The code is a little off. Key.code is not the right function. charCodeAt is what is needed. So the full line is: if (Key.isDown(("A").charCodeAt())) { . This will get the code for the "A" key, which is 65, and check to see whether that key is pressed. You could also use if (Key.isDown(65)) { .

  • Page 267: At the bottom of the page, the examples refer to the attribute named "alias." The attribute is actually named "type". So it should be .attributes.type and .attributes["type"] in the examples.

  • Contacting Someone About the Book

  • To contact the publisher, use their feedback form, or the email address listed in the book. Contact the publisher for questions about educational discounts, damaged books, the files at the Sams Web site, and how you can obtain a copy of the book.
  • To contact the author, please read this page very carefully. Contact the author for questions about the specific examples in the book, or if you found an issue that should be listed on this page.