Teach Yourself ActionScript in 24 Hours 
A beginners tutorial for learning Flash MX ActionScript

Sams Teach Yourself Flash MX ActionScript in 24 Hours is a 24-part tutorial that teaches you the basics of Flash MX ActionScipt. It is written for people with little or no ActionScript experience. It also takes into account people who have never programmed before at all.


You can buy the book at your local bookstore, or you can order it online from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

Table of Contents

Here is the table of contents. This will give you a good idea of what the book covers.

PART I: Getting Started with ActionScript

  • 1 Your First Look at ActionScript
  • 2 Using the Script Editing Window
  • 3 Learning to Program
  • 4 Writing Code in Flash
    PART II Navigation and Animation with ActionScript
  • Hour 5 Controlling the Flow of the Movie
  • 6 Controlling Movie Clips
  • 7 Moving and Changing Movie Clips
  • 8 Selecting and Dragging Movie Clips
    PART III Manipulating Information with ActionScript
  • Hour 9 Getting Input From the User
  • 10 Creating and Controlling Text
  • 11 Working with Numbers
  • 12 Objects and Arrays
    PART IV User Interface Elements
  • Hour 13 Rollovers
  • 14 Scrolling
  • 15 User Input Elements
  • 16 Pull-Down Menus and Dynamic Buttons
    PART V Controlling External Events with ActionScript
  • Hour 17 Browser Navigation and Communication
  • 18 Sending Information to the Server
  • 19 Using XML with Flash
  • 20 Printing
    PART VI Advanced Topics
  • Hour 21 Using Components
  • 22 Controlling Sound with ActionScript
  • 23 Managing Movie Streaming
  • 24 Drawing with ActionScript
  • Support

    If you already own the book, visit the support page.