Book Support 
Where Are the Files?

The location of the files is listed on page 5 of the English version of the book. If you have a non-English version, look in the Introduction for the location. Right after the location is an ID and password to use to access these files. Please type the URL very carefully. I get at least one email a week from someone who has simply typed the URL incorrectly.

Miscellaneous Corrections

  • Front Cover: Yes, that is Lingo on the front cover as the faded-back text, not ActionScript. Funny, huh? I guess the cover design people didn't know.

  • Chapter 12: In this chapter, you can see that String.fromCharCode(13) is used to separate questions in text files. This character (the Return character) works great for Mac projectors, and maybe Windows projectors too. But for Flash being served from a real Web server, it seems that String.fromCharCode(10) (The Line Feed character) works better. You'll see the place to change this on page 246 and 252. If you don't you may end up getting a quiz that is only one question, no matter how many questions are in the text file.

  • List if Web Resources: One reader pointed out that the list to is no longer active. As a matter of fact, it points to a site that has ads for porn sites. This is what is known as porn-slamming. When a user lets their domain registration accidentally lapse, the site is taken over by someone else, filled with porn, and the original owner is offered the chance to "buy it back" for a large sum. What a dirty trick.

  • Chapter 16, page 343: In the "checkHits" function of the Space Rocks game, there is a small piece missing. The line that reads "bullets.splice(j);" should read "bullets.splice(j,1);". Without the 1, the splice does not work.

  • Contacting Someone About the Book

  • To contact the publisher, use their feedback form, or the email address listed in the book. Contact the publisher for questions about educational discounts, damaged books, and how you can obtain a copy of the book.
  • To contact the author, please read this page very carefully. Contact the author for questions about the specific examples in the book, or if you found an issue that should be listed on this page.