Brief Description

   Flash 5 is probably the most popular tool for creating multimedia for the Web. The real power behind Flash 5 is its programming language, ActionScript. This book teaches you how to use ActionScript to create design effects, toys and games. It starts with a tutorial that teaches you ActionScript from the ground up. Then it moves on to show you example after example of complete games. The code listings are included, along with details about how the games were built. You can use these games on your own Web site, modify them to fit your needs, or use what you have learned to create your own games.

What Is In This Book?

   This book is full of games. Not just descriptions and theory, but the actual games themselves. This book contains all of the source code for each game. You can read the code, learn from it, and even copy the code to make your own games.
   The early chapters take you through a 24-lesson tutorial that teaches you ActionScript in small steps. This prepares you for the more complex code found later in the book. Chapters 5 through 16 are full of complete examples. You can view the code listings in the book, or use the book's Web site to get the source files. The last chapter deals with more advanced techniques like high score boards and copy protection.
   If you want a book that contains a lot of code examples, this is it.


Table Of Contents
Click on any link below to see a preview of the Flash movies included in the book

Chapter 1: Flash Elements
Chapter 2: Introduction to ActionScript
Chapter 3: ActionScript for Games and Toys
Chapter 4: How to Make Games
Chapter 5: ActionScript Design Effects
  • Old Film Effect
  • Expanding Buttons
  • 3D Cube
  • 3D Spaceship
  • Spiral
    Chapter 6: Toys & Gadgets
  • Clock
  • Crystal Ball
  • Jukebox
  • Lava Lamp
    Chapter 7: Construction Toys
  • Drawing
  • Make-A-Fox, Dragging
  • Make-A-Fox, Switching
  • Music Mixer
    Chapter 8: Hunt and Click Games
  • Find-A-Fox
  • Whack-A-Fox
  • Shoot-A-Fox
    Chapter 9: Catch and Avoid
  • Apple Catch
  • Apple Letter Catch
  • River Kayak
    Chapter 10: Catch and Avoid
  • Ballon Shoot
  • Aim and Shoot

  • Chapter 11: Ball and Paddle
  • Wall Ball
  • Paddle Ball
  • Paddle Bricks
    Chapter 12: Quizzes and Word Games
  • Flash Quiz
  • Flash Trivia
  • Hangman
    Chapter 13: Picture Puzzles
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Sliding Puzzle
  • Matching Game
    Chapter 14: Brain Puzzles
  • Memory Game
  • Deduction
  • Pegs
    Chapter 15: Casino and Card Games
  • Slot Machine
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
    Chapter 16: Arcade Games
  • Space Combat
  • Space Rocks
  • Maze Chase
  • Moon Lander
    Chapter 17: Advanced Game Techniques
  • Loader 1
  • Loader 2
  • High Scores Test
  • Whack-A-Fox With Scores
  • Support

    If you already own the book, visit the support page.

    Looking for the source code to all the games in the book? You can find the location of those files in the Introduction to the book.