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Miscellaneous Corrections

  • Throughout the code in the book, I use the Director 7 continuation character, which looks like an L on its side. In Director 8, the backslash became the continuation character. In addition, Director 8 doesn't always interpret the old character correctly. Sometimes it looks like an L on its side, but other times it looks like a 1/4 symbol or something equally as strange. When you open the files from the CD-ROM with Director 8 and edit the Lingo, Director stops recognizing these old continuation characters and gives you errors instead. Fixing this is easy. All you need to do is to replace the odd characters with a backslash.

  • Chapter 17: The crossword puzzle has a tiny bug in it that prevents users from clicking on a square along the right side. It is easily fixed by changing the firs code line of "on puzzleClicked" to "y = (sNum-11)/21 + 1" (11 instead of 10).

  • Page 14: The handler at the bottom of the page should be a "on mouseEnter" handler, not an "on mouseUp" handler.

  • Page 49: The handler "on lockInPlace", the line that starts "loc =" should start "sprite(me.spriteNum).loc =".

  • Page 59: The handler referred to at the bottom of the page should be called "on getBehaviorDescription", not "on getPropertyDescription".

  • Page 64 & 65: The last line on page 64 should read "repeat with i = 1 to pNumberOfCards*2". The third line on page 65 should have "sprite(spriteNumber)" instead of "sprite(i)".

  • Page 75-78: Figures 5.4 and 5.5 should be swapped.

  • Contacting Someone About the Book

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  • To contact the author, please read this page very carefully. Contact the author for questions about the specific examples in the book, or if you found an issue that should be listed on this page.